Gerald H. Jordan M.D., FACS, FAAP (Hon), FRCS Eng (Hon)

Gerald H. Jordan MDThe urologic practice of Dr. Gerald Jordan was limited almost exclusively to adult and pediatric genitourinary reconstructive surgery. Dr. Jordan graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He then – went to US Army Airborne School, and was designated as US Army Airborne (Parachutist).Following that he went to US Naval Flight School, and was designated a United States Naval Aviator, and served immediately as a Naval Aviator. Following tours in Vietnam, he did pre-med training at U.S. International University Cal Western Campus. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He was a Designated Flight Surgeon in the United States Airforce, completed his internship and urological residency at the Naval Regional Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, and a fellowship in Pediatric and Adult reconstructive genitourinary surgery at Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine. Dr. Jordan served as a Professor in the Department of Urology of the Eastern Virginia Medical School and became Chairman of that Department. Additionally he was the program director for the Devine Center for Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia. On his retirement from active clinical practice, that center was  renamed the Devine-Jordan Center for Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery and Pelvic Health.

He was board Certified in Urology in 1984 and recertified in 2008. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He has served twice as a Governor of the ACS, first representing the Virginia Chapter of the ACS, and now representing the American Urolgical Association. He has served as a member of the Board of Chairman of the Societe’ Internationale d’Urologie and was elected as the President in 2014. He is now the immediate Past President of that organization, and sites on the Board of the Foundation for that organization.

He has served on the Boards of a number of organizations that have focused on Medical Service
and Training oversees. He was part of the Founding Board of Physicians for Peace. That
organization was initially focused on demonstrating Medicine and Surgery as an area where
Surgeons of different cultures and religions could come together in Mission Teams to address
issues such as the war wounded in several Middle East conflicts. He served as team leader in
Missions to Syria, Jordan, and the West Bank of Israel. Those teams were composed of
individuals from the Christian , Muslim and Jewish faiths working side by side in the operation
suite. He served briefly with Operation Smile, and organization focused on the care of Cleft
Pallet as well as post burn reconstruction. He was asked by the board of that organization to help
establish a program for them in Genital Reconstruction. He was involved in “Missions” to Jordan
and to the West Bank of Israel as well as to Egypt. However those programs were abandoned due
to recognition by the board that the focus of Genital Reconstruction was contrary to their
established pattern of care policy. That organization remains firmly focused on their original
target disease processes. He served on the board of directors of International Volunteers in
Urology, now IVU Med. That organization focused on training of centers identified as having the
infrastructure and in many ways the surgical talent to accomplish more complex surgical therapy,
given that they are properly trained. Thus teams are dispatched to evaluate, if appropriate equip
and train, and follow-up at intervals for update. These programs in addition incorporate US
Urological Residents, and the trips also have the additional focus of exposure to our trainees to
disease processes that are rarely if ever seen in the US, but in some countries are epidemic.
Examples of such problems are the Urinary tract fistulas that are seen throughout much of Africa
because of obstructive labor and delayed labor and delivery care.

He has wide and varied academic interests and is an innovative leader in the field of
genitourinary reconstructive surgery. He is keenly motivated in the area of investigation and has
made notable contributions to the literature. He also participates in numerous national and
international medical conferences and serves as a visiting professor at many centers throughout
the world. Dr. Jordan has served as Executive Secretary of the American Board of Urology since
February 1, 2012, following his six year term as Trustee.