J.P. Michiel Sedelaar, MD

Michiel Sedelaar, MD
Professor, Department of Urology

In the ’90 Michiel Sedelaar started his medical studies at the University of Leiden, The Netherlands. Being the son of a GP he had very clear ideas about a future working at a hospital in a surgical sub-specialty. In 1998 he finished his medical studies and received his M.D. by performing his last internship at the Urology department of the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The former chief of the department, Prof Frans Debruyne, encouraged him to start his Ph.D. before commencing his Urology training. Just 3 years later he successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis concerning the use of contrast enhanced ultrasound for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. He then started his 6 years of urology training in the Nijmegen area, finishing successfully in 2007.
He received a 2-year research fellowship from the Dutch Cancer Foundation, of which he spend 1.5 years at the labs of John T Isaacs Ph.D. and Samuel Denmead Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, Baltimore (MD). The time at Hopkins was dedicated to investigating smart drugs for prostate cancer (‘seek, image and destroy’) and unravelling CRPC mechanisms like steroidogensis.
Up on returning to The Netherlands in 2010 he became a board certified oncological-Urologist at the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen. His academic interests include: basic research on mechanisms of CRPC (androgen receptor, splice variants), imaging of prostate cancer (mpMRI, nuclear imaging, fusion imaging), focal therapy of prostate cancer (primary/ salvage), among others.
Next to his clinical interests he has several committee positions, and is the chair of the EAU-Young Urology Office. He is married to Jacobijn Sedelaar-Maaskant and is father of twins Anne-Belle and Pieter.